Friday, May 6, 2016

Faith Not Necessary

Faith not necessary.

I had a pretty profound realization during a palm reading with a client this week.

Near the end of our time together, my client said through her tears, "I just wish I could have faith!" She meant faith in herself, faith in the connection she has to the Divine.

I didn't know what to say to that, and was astonished as I watched my body respond to her.  Here is what came out of my mouth:

"Is gravity an act of faith?  If I drop this pen, will it fall?  ::drops pen::  Exactly.  No faith required.  Gravity is just there - so much so that we don't even notice it most of the time.  So it is with your connection with the Divine.  Your connection to the Divine just IS.  There isn't anything to do about it except NOTICE it!  It is always there, always reliable, always true.  Just like gravity.  You don't need faith to know that you are profoundly connected with the Divine.  You simply need to stop, breathe, and notice it.  Just like you can notice gravity when you stop, breathe, and notice."

When I stopped talking, we both kinda sat there for a moment.  I was dumbfounded at the depth of those words, that I had never really thought about before.

Later that week, I was unexpectedly called to minister to a dying woman in hospice. I entered her room, and realized immediately how deeply she was connected with the Divine.  In her case, the goddess Brigid (Bride).  As I performed the requisite ceremony preparing her for her great transformation at the end of life (she died less than 12 hrs after my visit), I was reminded again of how profound our connection with the Divine really is.

Like a pillar of light, we are physical manifestations of God/ess walking on earth.  I can see that pillar up out of the top of our head to the heavens, and down from our torso to the core of the earth.  We walk in this pillar of divine light always.  All we need to do is notice it.

And in noticing our deep and lasting connection with the Divine, we know our worthiness, our love-ability, and our beauty.  In knowing these things about ourselves, we come to see and know those same aspects in the other human beings who walk with us.

Blessings to you and yours,
Jim Barker

Thursday, January 1, 2015

True Humility is in Knowing and Fully Embracing Your Gifts

People often ask how I became a professional palm reader.  Though I tell part of the story on my website, one of the deeper reasons is due to an experience I had in realizing my own worth.

In my mid 20's, I had been dabbling in palmistry for a while, but at the time, I would not have called myself a "palm reader". Palmistry was just a silly thing I did on the side, a parlor trick for people. Many people commented about my readings, but I never took their comments seriously.

I was at a point where I was questioning my life direction.  I remember watching the 1996 Olympics (Atlanta) on television, and the thought occurred to me that these athletes had made it to the pinnacle of achievement.  Those who were skilled and lucky enough to medal, were considered the top athlete in the world. 

Though it seems a bit ridiculous to make the comparison in hindsight, at the time I wondered if I would ever be "Number One" at anything.  I felt stuck in mediocrity.  I was a "B" student (OK, sometimes a "C" student), I had a normal job, making an average wage.  

So, I lamented in my head, "What am I good at? What will I be "Number One" at doing?  When can I call myself an expert?"

Immediately an answer, seemingly from a higher source, popped into my head, "What about your palmistry?"  

"My palmistry?  I don't know - it's just that dumb thing I do."

"How many times must I tell you that what you are doing is amazing, and helps people, before you will believe me?"

"Ummm... I don't think You have ever told me this.  When have you told me these things?  Surely had I heard it from You, I would have known, right?"

"Every time you have heard it from other people, that is Me speaking."

At this point, I suddenly flushed and got tingles down my spine.  Of course - Had I been rejecting the Divine all along, for years?  So many times when I would read someones hand, the person would often respond with positive feedback.  And repeatedly, I just brushed it aside.  Was the Divine really speaking through the people who tell me that I had a positive impact on their lives?

I immediately realized that what was being revealed to me was much deeper - I had been squandering my talent.  I had been dismissing my Divine gift!

That was a big change for me.  I started hearing the feedback from people completely differently. I realized that the feedback they offered was not just my client, but also the Divine speaking through them, and telling me that what I was doing was important, and was making a difference in the world.  I realized the value in my ability to read hands, and to see the Divine presence within my clients.  My work became cherished, special, important.  It was no longer "that dumb thing I do."

Today I embrace my ability to read hands as a gift.  I realize that to be humble in accepting my gift from the Divine, I have to live in it fully, and take it on completely.  No more false modesty detracting from the true value of my ability.

So, I pass along this challenge to YOU: where have you been rejecting the love and admiration of the Divine?  When others tell you that your art/cooking/music/writing/skills/talents are amazing/beautiful/transformative - do you honor those words as affirmation from a Divine source?  And what would your life look like if you did?

In love and light,
Jim Barker

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!  May you feel the promise of the return of the light this season.

Perhaps you celebrate the light during the eight nights of hanukkah.  Maybe its the lengthening of days after the Winter Solstice.  Or, perhaps it is the birth of the Light of the World in the Christ child.

However you observe, may the light start in our hearts and radiate out to all, warming their hearts and souls.

In love and light,
Jim Barker

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Let Your Fingers Point the Way: using body position to motivate change.

Lately the topic of healing and palmistry have been coming up a lot. Maybe it's the holiday season that gets us present to the need for healing and peace, or the new year and our desire for a clean slate. Whatever the reason, I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on this subject.

Our hands are always subject to the expression of our body language. Each finger represents an archetype, and the ways we use that finger are telling motifs of what is going on within. Perhaps you have been feeling powerless as of late. A loss of power at work, and/or at home. Maybe you are overwhelmed, or maybe somebody pulled the rug out from under you. Maybe you are stuck in a no-win situation, or maybe you are simply following orders.

All of these (and more) situations related to a loss of power and agency are displayed on the hand in the index finger. An extended finger indicates exerting power, and a flexed finger inticates receptive to power. In the quick situations described above, it is likely your index finger would be flexed (curled).

If you wanted to find power in your situation, there are many ways to do so, but sometimes the first step is very difficult. One of the ways to take control of your situation using palmistry is to make a concious effort to extend that index finger. When you extend your index finger, your body can't help but read this as exerting power and agency. When your body senses this, it sends signals to your mind, and to your psyche. Soon enough, if you are holding that index finger straight, you will find access to power in your situation. You will find courage to start on that overwhelming thing, or find your footing after a change.  You will find a way to escape the no-win situation, and find your way to contribute while following orders.

This principle relates to all of the fingers.  If you are feeling unmotivated or lazy, just extend that thumb out and you won't be able to sit still for long.  If you are feeling low self esteem, extend your ring finger.  Feeling censored? Extend your pinkie.  Feeling like your ethics are being violated? extend your middle finger (maybe along with the other fingers to avoid signaling the wrong thing.) I am always amazed at how well this works for me.

The old paper phone books used to say, "Let your fingers do the walking." That's true in palmistry as well.  Let your fingers help you find your way.  

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Inspiration for Big Manifestation

The chart for the "Star of David" formation on Monday,
August 26th. (This chart is in Pacific Time, for Seattle)

I am not an astrologer, however I have several astrologer friends and colleagues.  NEXT Monday, August 26th there will be the second of two double-sextile formations, creating an auspicious Star of David formation on the chart.

This is a very powerful event, and very rare, and is heralding an excellent time to manifest things.  As one of my astro colleagues, Eileen Grimes, put it in her video blog, this is all about bringing spirit into matter.

Astrological events do not create our reality, rather, the astrology indicates the "time" to do things.  The Star of David formation coming up indicates that the time is right to do work to bring our spiritual and mental intentions into physical reality.  It's a great TIME to MANIFEST!

And it's not just the astrology that we can look to.  Notice that today, August 20th, is also a full moon, a time that is associated with fulfillment and fruition.  It is also late summer, when all of the produce in our world is really coming into ripeness and fecundity.  Everywhere we look all around us there is abundance.  This all adds up to making it easier for us to access abundance too!

Wondering what you can DO to be in the groove of manifestation?  Here are some ideas that can inspire you: this week, but also any time, regardless of the astrology!  (new to this kind of thing? please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page)

Gratitude Exercise:  Take a moment to presence to all of the amazing things that are going RIGHT in your life. Spend time being thankful for these blessings, big and small.  Gratitude is the foundation of prosperity.

My Manifestation Candle.
Intention Work: There are so many ways to put your intention for what you want out into the world. One easy method is something I did just last night. Obtain a 7-day glass candle. Find a quiet place to work, and you can imagine infusing this candle with your intentions. You can anoint it with oil or perfume, you can draw images on the glass with a permanent marker, or you can paste photos or images to the glass.  Once you feel satisfied with your work, place the candle in a spot where you will see it all the time, and burn it over the week.  Spend time each day focusing on your intention.  Also, spend time each day working toward your intention.

Meditation:  Spend time each day meditating on what you envision for yourself.  Imagine not just wanting it, imagine having it.  Feel yourself as being the thing that you desire to be, as if it has already happened.  Allow yourself to feel success in your manifestation, and happy about it!  After meditating, as you walk through your day, you will be more inspired to take action toward your goals.

Giving:  Deepak Chopra, in his book, "Creating Affluence" talks about how giving gets us into the flow of energy.  Sometimes when we are in a mindset of lack, we tend to save or hoard, which can further alienate us from the rest of the world, and the flow of abundance.  So, to engage with that endless river of affluence, consider giving to others.  I believe that you can give of your time, energy, food, or money - where ever you would like to see change in your life.

Change Your Luck: Your luck is a function of the way you live your life! In the book, "Change Your Luck" by Richard Wiseman, he offers many different ways to change your luck.  Some examples include making new friends, going to new places, and expanding your network of connections.

Feel Love: Take time to manage your mood.  Happiness supports success!  You can allow yourself to feel the love from the Divine presence - the adoration of you as the Divine's perfect child.  Taking time to care for yourself in this way is a wonderful method to access joy and motivation!

I hope these ideas inspire you!  Many blessings, Jim.

Disclaimer: Intention and Manifestation of specific material objects, or for specific outcomes outside of yourself is tricky business.  Better to focus on self improvement when doing this type of work.  For example, I would not advise attempting to manifest a specific person to fall in love with you.  Rather, I would advise you to manifest love, of yourself, and that you will feel worthy of love from another person.  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Best Thing You Can Do For Others...

I often think of the beautiful ways that people are there for each other.  And, just as often, I see people sacrifice themselves for their family or loved ones.  I see people who have lost their relationship even though they have poured everything they had into that relationship.  And I have seen people who have, in spite of themselves, acted out in destructive ways, often motivated by misalignment and unhappiness in their relationship.

Back in April of 2011, this was the "Daily Quote" offered by a wonderful channeled entity called Abraham:

"The best thing you could do for anyone that you love, is be happy! And the very worst thing that you could do for anyone that you love, is be unhappy, and then ask them to to try to change it, when there is nothing that anybody else can do that will make you happy." --Abraham

The meaning of this quote has opened like a lotus flower over the past year and a half, with deeper and deeper understanding how to apply this idea in my life.  Here are some things that have occurred to me:

My happiness is your happiness.  Instead of a co-dependent approach of trying to make others happy, I need to realize that really, everybody is trying to make everybody else happy.  This is great - but it can leave all kinds of expectations unrealized, and cause lots of stepping on each other in an attempt to make others happy.

I am responsible for my own happiness.  And you are responsible for your own happiness.  And when you are not happy, I am sad.  And I know the same is true vice versa.  So, lets all just agree to be responsible for our own happiness, and share that with each other!

Happiness means abundance.  When I am happy, I bring positive energy into my relationships and into the world. When I am happy I eat right, exercise, and enjoy time with the people I love.  When I am happy I have clarity on what is healthy for me to do in my life and in my relationships.  When I am happy there is an abundance of love, luck, prosperity, and wisdom available to me.

Lets stop living for other people's happiness, and start living in our own and in our shared happiness!

In love and light (and happiness),
Jim Barker

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The God Umbrella - Learning to Revel in Divine Love.

In my many years of palmistry, one thing that I have often observed among people is a pervasive sense of unworthiness.  For me, and I believe this is true for many of us, I have a foundational and early belief about being unlovable, unworthy, not enough, etc.  These ideas are reinforced by a particular and insidious puritanical tenant that “we are all sinners, but God loves us anyway.”  So, we don’t feel worthy of Divine love, and operate from this place of unworthiness.  And operating from this place of unworthiness, we separate ourselves from feeling the presence of the Divine.  I coined the term “god umbrella” as a way to describe the way that we block the Divine energy.

When we have our “god umbrella” deployed, we experience a pattern of lack and longing in a very profound way and look for ways to pacify ourselves.  We pacify ourselves with overindulgence in the pleasures of the world: drink, food, drugs, sex.  (None of which is necessarily bad in itself, but only harmful when used to replace the Divine.) 

We also have a very strong desire to be “right” about the fact that we are unworthy of the Divine, so we indulge in elaborate ways to punish ourselves for our own failings.  Something that might be a simple oversight on our part is enlarged and enflamed by our self flagellation over it.

Finally, we have woven the “god umbrella” into our lives so expertly, that all of our motivations and even our political and economic systems are created around patterns of lack and unworthiness.  Thus we fear opening up to the Divine because we are afraid it will separate us from the world we know.  The thought that is often in my own mind goes something like, “Well, if I open up and start just basking in God’s love, what is going to motivate me to go to work, or do anything but just laying on the couch all day?”

Closing the “god umbrella” is an act of faith.  Not a “blind faith”, and not a faith that is dependent on anything, rather it is a faith in ourselves.  Faith that we are worthy.  Faith that we are lovable.  This is a faith which is a decision and a commitment rather than a feeling.  Closing the “god umbrella” is a choice to believe that you are totally worthy, lovable, amazing, and adored by the Divine.  A choice to believe that you are whole and complete.  A belief in this even if there isn't a feeling of it.

What happens when we are able to close that "god umbrella"?  Here are some things I have noticed in my own life.  First of all, some things that have not changed: I have not stopped being myself.   I haven’t ceased to have issues, concerns, hopes and desires.  I continue to fail and to succeed at things.  But I have stopped suffering in these experiences.  I stopped having to be “right” about my unworthiness.  Mistakes become simply that – mistakes.

What I am free of is the torture I put myself through when I fail.  I have noticed a grand acceptance of my being.  A comfort in my body, just the way it is.  My observation of being a bit overweight has transformed from a source of endless self-torture, to a simple observation.  And I have noticed that I have been eating less.  Not on purpose or because I am choosing to diet, but for another, more profound reason.  I have found that I am Satisfied (with a capital “s”).  This is one example of many areas of my life I am experiencing transformation.

I invite you to try on these ideas: YOU are worthy, lovable, and adored by the Divine!  Imagine the Divine loving you, as a parent loves a newborn child.  Look at yourself in the mirror and imagine the Divine loving you.  (do this regardless of how you feel about it – just take this action anyway).  I invite you to close your “god umbrella” and experience a deep and lasting fullness, one that allows all of our pacifying behaviors to melt away.

Love and light,
Jim Barker